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Yorkville High School Computer Science

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Web Design Important Links

W3Schools Logo

W3Schools - This site is the reference for HTML, XML, CSS, and a number of scripting languages. It contains all of the rules for using HTML tags including which tags and properties have been deprecated as well as examples and tutorials so you know how to use them. The site includes a "Try It Yourself" editor that lets you play with code on the site and see how it works.

Color Scheme Designer Wheel

Color Scheme Designer - You can use this web application to create color schemes. The color wheel allows you to pick a monochromatic, complementary, triadic, tetradic, analogous, or accented analogous scheme.

CSS3 Generator - Easily generate the code to create rounded corners, shadows, gradients, embedded fonts, or other CSS3 elements. You can copy the code it creates into a stylesheet.

HTML Table Generator - Tables aren't hard to make in HTML, but they are pretty boring to make. The HTML Table Generator will let you choose styles for your table and output all the HTML and CSS you need. You can even make the table columns sortable.

jsFiddle - This site lets you test your Javascript code. You can insert small snipets of HTML, CSS, and Javascript to see how they work together. You can even use external Javascript libraries such as jQuery.

Animatron: This online editor lets you create animation in HTML. This is preferable to using a program such as Flash or Fireworks for animation. However, animations should be used strategically on websites since they always draw the attention of the vistitor.


Google Fonts - This site can help you make a good font choice for your website. You can compare fonts and embed them on your website.

DaFont - DaFont contains thousands of fonts that are free to download and are organized into various categories. This is a great place to go if you are looking for a unique font for your site.

Thinking w/Type - This site will teach you nearly everything you want to know about fonts and typography. The site shows you good and bad examples of typography on the web. This is an essential site for anyone who wants to learn more about fonts.

morgueFile - This site contains high-resolution stock photos that you don't need to pay for. You don't even have to provide attribution to the original owner of these photos.

CSS Zen Garden Mario Theme

CSS Play - A site with a wealth of tutorials on how to do almost anything using CSS. Some of the tutorials may be complicated, but they cover a wide range of topics and are all well thought out.

CSS Zen Garden - A demo site that shows how CSS can be used to change almost anything about a website. The exact same HTML code is used for all of the different designs for this site, and the styles are the only things that change from design to design.

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